Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last Year's Resolutions

So, I started this blog last month. I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't go more than a week between blogs, and I wanted to write two or three times a week.

Of course, that was last year when I said that. And, I just went almost two weeks between blogs. So maybe I can just say that was one of last year's resolutions, which I didn't break until this year. And I haven't really broken this year's resolution, mostly because I didn't make any this year.

All of that sounds like pretty good rationalizing, as long as I'm just saying it to myself. But that's the trouble with blogs. Other people read what you're thinking. And I have to write it. Which reveals the flaws in my reasoning/rationalizing rather quickly.

Actually,  I have been busy finishing up one of last year's resolutions. And I really did complete it. I decided that I would finish my book, Reborn That Way, by the end of the year. I finished it right about when I predicted. Even a little earlier. I figured I'd finish it on New Year's Eve at 11:58, just in time to join the kids in a little pot and pan banging.

Actually, I finished at 10:05. One hour and 53 minutes early. Then I emailed it to a content editor.

Of course, the editor made changes. And I have been busy working on those, including some major changes to one of the chapters. So, there is a legitimate reason for my lapse in blogging. That doesn't really matter, though. I just want to do better.

Hey, perhaps I just made a New Year's Resolution. And I like it. For all aspects of my life, for the year.

I just want to do better.

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