Thursday, June 20, 2013

God and Gays, Ex-Exodus, and Please Don't Forget Those of Us Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction

Lisa Ling hosted a very intimate show today entitled "God and Gays." It included an apology from Alan Chambers, Exodus President. It's definitely worth watching and can be seen at:

This is the comment I posted there:
"It's just too bad that Lisa Ling has yet to follow the lives of those Christians who have been attracted to the same sex yet have chosen not to act on the feelings and might even be in successful heterosexual marriages. That has been my experience. Twenty years down the road, our marriage is not dissolved, but strengthened. I realize part of the problem is that we are not as vocal. Most of us prefer to remain 'hidden' because we frequently are not accepted by any group. People from church often have a problem with us and our 'sexuality.' Those who are gay and lesbian have a problem because they think our message is one of, 'anyone can change if they just try hard enough.' That may have been the message of Exodus, but there are so many others of us who stress that everyone's experience with sexuality is different. We should be respectful of ALL people, whatever their story. I've been trying to tell mine through my blog at"

The timing is interesting, considering the fact that the Supreme Court is due to announce their decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA this week. I'm guessing that isn't by accident.

I've made several attempts to get on the news and represent a different view. Unfortunately, I've had no success. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.