Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why I participated in the LDS Church's website on same-sex attraction.

My name is Laurie Campbell and I'm one of the people who appear in the videos on the LDS Church's new website entitled "Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction." This blog is called mormonsandgays because that's the url for the Church site. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to include posts from other participants on the website here, too. Then we can continue the discussion as we tell our stories.

I participated in the website because I wanted to help others, especially those who are experiencing the sort of conflict and turmoil I felt years ago. I would have loved to have heard from others back then who were having similar experiences. Now I want to provide that for others.

I was going to launch into my personal story but figured that since an article about me has just appeared in the Deseret News, I'll recommend reading that. I have to admit, it's terribly unnerving to see my photo there with a big headline that reads, "Woman Who Had Lived Lesbian Lifestyle Brings Hope to Mormons with Same-Sex Attraction Through LDS Church's New Website." I really do feel exposed. But I also feel grateful to be able to make a sacrifice like that. I know the Lord accepts it as such and that He and Heavenly Father are proud of me. That's such a great feeling.

I also wanted to respond to the people who have been asking me when I'm going to finish my second book, "Reborn That Way." It's sort of a sequel to my first book, "Born That Way" which was published by Deseret Book 20 years ago. I'm happy to report Reborn That Way will be completed by the end of this year. Knowing me, that probably means December 31 at 11:58 pm, with just enough time to join my husband and kids for the New Years' countdown.

I've begun a couple of blogs before and not followed up very well. I'm committed to changing that. After all, if I'm going to testify of the power of the mighty change in my life, I can certainly change that.