Monday, May 20, 2013

I Used to be a Pervert. Now I'm a Bigot.

Gays and lesbians.


Upholders of traditional marriage.

Supporters of same-sex marriage.

Go ahead. Think of a label for some of the terms above. Many people do. That's partly why the other book I've had in the works is titled "I Used to be a Pervert. Now I'm a Bigot." It is an attempt to help people understand that there are problems on "both sides" of the marriage debate.

I believe the optimum situation in which to bring up children is with a mother and a father in the home. I do not think that women make very good fathers nor that men make very good mothers. I may be called a bigot by some, because of those views, but that certainly doesn't make me a bigot. Those beliefs do not come from hate, rather, concern for those not always considered--those yet to be born.

I know that people with same-sex attractions and those who identify as gay and lesbian are not necessarily perverts--no more, or less, than those who are heterosexually oriented. I may be called, or have been called, a pervert, especially back in the 70s and 80s when very few people dared to discuss homosexual attractions. However, because I've had those attractions, that does not make me a pervert.

One of my hopes with the book is that people will realize name-calling, and the assumption that someone can label another without even knowing them, is ridiculous. Also, I'm hoping to bring greater understanding concerning those accused of being "perverts" and those accused of being "bigots."

"Perverts" and "Bigots."

Sticks and stones may break my bones......and yes, words can hurt, too. Especially the ugly ones.